Important Announcements

Important Announcement 01-12-2022

Dear Friends,


After a long and intense pre-press preparation, but also through the strict national publishing house review process, our excellent portfolio has finally entered the printing factory, hereby announce everyone, after the 20th, our portfolio and souvenirs and certificates will be sent to you one after another, please pay attention to the collection at that time, but also due to the impact of the epidemic, we express our deep apologies for the delay in delivery of the portfolio. Thank you again for your patience!


Spoilers ahead of time for the collections and souvenirs that everyone has been patiently waiting for:


(Friends who need copyright page information can focus on this figure)


(The above is a screenshot of the excellent portfolio)


(The souvenirs that have been prepared are waiting for the portfolio to leave the factory, and look forward to meeting you as soon as possible)


Here, all the members of our organizing committee once again thank you for your cooperation and support for the work of the Biodiversity Conservation Art Competition!


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"Nature and Art International Art Competition Organizing Committee" official public number

Subsequent portfolios and exhibition information will be published on the official public account

This is a very important publication

(Ordering and collecting works on a voluntary basis)

1. Hardcover album, national regular publishing house, officially published project, national distribution;


2. The included works are widely selected and selected from nearly 10,000 works in 23 countries and regions;


3. Invite important domestic critics and curators to write prefaces with high academic standards;


4. After publication, the collection of works will be collected by the National Library of China, the Library of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Library of China Academy of Art and other national professional libraries;


5. Once theparticipating authors are notified of the inclusion, the rights of the Organizing Committee on the formal publication, dissemination, exchange and promotion of the entries will be tacitly acknowledged;


6. Only authors who have received the notice of selection of this competition can enjoy the right to participate in the compilation of this portfolio;


7. All editors have the right to participate in the global online and offline touring activities of the competition;


8. Only selected and included authors enjoy the right to receive a limited edition environmental souvenir set;


9. Album printing IOS10400 green environmental protection ink, genuine CTP, hard seal, 170g quarry pattern imported special paper, hardcover mounted 3mm high-grade Dutch version;


10. The original price of the album is 599 yuan / set, and the authors who have won the nominations and the selected nominations enjoy the cost of printing and production of the album at 399 yuan / set, and need to be booked in advance to enjoy the above rights and interests, and the final interpretation right belongs to the organizing committee of the competition.

This is a book that includes art lovers and artists around the world and reinterprets "nature and art"; a book that shows the brilliance of brand institutions and enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the conservation of biodiversity to 23 countries and regions in the world; and it is also a wonderful gift to congratulate the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in advance.

Office address

Room 26F, East Tower, Huaxia Building, Weiyuan Street, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan Province

(Yunnan Plateau Ecological Environmental Protection Foundation)

18183821792 (Teacher Wei)

(10:00-17:00) (Portfolio Enquiry Hotline)

The "2021 Nature and Art - Conservation of Biodiversity Global Art Competition" was launched from Kunming and widely solicited from people of insight who love nature and ecological civilization around the world, hoping that through the launch of this competition, people can use art to convey, publicize and accept the importance of ecological protection, respect nature, conform to nature, and protect nature. The "2021 Nature & Art - Conservation of Biodiversity Global Art Competition" is a positive response to President Xi Jinping's important speech delivered by video at the United Nations Biodiversity Summit, calling on the world to work together to build a harmonious and beautiful world of all things. The competition aims to advocate the participants to show the love of life in their hearts to the world with the pen in their hands, so that people around the world can feel the warmth of the creator's heart, feel the value of life aesthetics, and participate in the protection of the life community. Care for life with art, love the world with true feelings, take the initiative to pay attention to ecological environmental protection, establish a sense of green civilization and sustainable development, practice the concept of daily environmental protection, and help protect global biodiversity.