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Bill Thompson

President of the Nature and Arts Foundation

Bill Thompson, graduated from Harvard University. He currently serves as a career consultant at GSB at Stanford University and has been head of marketing in the financial services and financial technology industries, including Fidelity Investments, Financial Engines and The Hartford for 30 years.


 Xiao Huang

Board of Director, International
Independent Curator

Director of the Organizing Committee of the 2021 Nature and Art - Global Art Competition for the Conservation of Biodiversity

 The expert of the "Integrated Development of Biodiversity and Art Ecological Civilization" By European Union’s Project,

Independent curator of China

Public Interest Ambassador, Starlight Volunteer Association

Special Curator of Yanjiao Campus Art Museum, Central Academy of Fine Arts,

Visiting Professor, School of Fine Arts, Jilin Academy of Art

Dr Sophia Xinman Wang 


Founder & Border of Director Nature and Art Foundation

Sophia Xinman Wang, eco-environmental artist, 2 Ph.D.s, visiting professor, is currently the Executive Director of the Global Art Competition on Nature and Art Biodiversity Conservation, a project sponsored by UNESCO World Youth Academy.
Found & Head of Director. An internationally renowned ecological and environmental artist.

Erlend Biggar Larsen.JPG


Graduated from the New York Academy of Art. A Norwegian professional artist and art teacher at Nature&Art organization


Lan Wang 

Dr. Ian Wang, who received a full scholarship from The Royal Princess Anne to Save the Children, graduated from Oxford University. He has won the Outstanding Contribution Award in the field of Culture, Science and Art of China and the United States.



European director of Nature&Art


Haishan Xie

 J.d. in Psychology and law, visiting scholar at Harvard University,Vice president of the 4th China Youth Volunteers Association.The

Founder of Starlight Volunteer Association.



A Chinese curator. He has worked as a manager of a company for twelve years and is currently directing and conducting art exhibitions in Kunming.



A Canadian intercultural communication specialist. He has enjoyed living in China for the last three years and is currently teaching undergraduate students in Kunming. 

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