2021 Competition

At the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity on September 30, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered by video an important speech, initiating countries to insist on ecological civilization, adhere to multilateralism and green development, and enhance the sense of responsibility. He stressed China’s effort to build harmonious coexistence between man and nature of modernization, uphold the human destiny community concept, strengthen biodiversity conservation, and promote global environmental governance. Through the unique beauty of art by the paintbrush of every candidate, our competition is to advocate people from all around the world to show their love of life from the bottom of their hearts, inviting the viewers to touch the creators’ inner warmth, see the value of life aesthetics, take part in the protection of the community of life, care for the life through art, love the world truly, improve the environment by action, pay attention to environmental protection voluntarily, and set up the sense of green civilization and sustainable development.



Themes and Art Works Submission Requirements:

All the works are to advocate the harmonious development between man and nature and the protection of environment, animals and biodiversity. Biodiversity is the material basis of all social activities of human beings, who can't survive without other forms of life. The creatures’ right to survive, which is given by the nature, is the right to maintain their lives and living conditions. If their living conditions were destroyed, they would not have the right to live any more. Not only the sunlight, the atmosphere and the waters constitute the basic living conditions of organisms, but also different organisms form the basic interdependent conditions with each other through the food chain and the food web. Separated from the biological population or community, any life can't live any more. However, with the development of human productivity and the progress of science and technology, biological resources have been excessively exploited and utilized. If the biological chain were broken, the survival and development of human beings would be directly threatened.


  1. The competitors are divided into two groups: student group (3-18 years old), and adult group (18 years old and above).  Each one of the applicable works should be of the theme of biodiversity conservation. The applicant works can be made from a variety of forms or materials such as:

  • A)Painting:traditional Chinese painting (fine brushwork, freehand brushwork, mogu painting, etc), oil painting, printmaking, acrylic painting, gouache, watercolor painting, illustration, color lead painting, crayon painting, and black and white painting;

  • B)Calligraphy:soft pen calligraphy and hard pen calligraphy;

  • C)Integrated materials:installation art, integrated materials, sculpture, creative collage, and experimental creative works;

  • D)Poster design;

  • E)Photography;

  • F)Videos:short video on biodiversity conservation less than 3 minutes. Format: 1920*1080 or 1080*1920 H.264 H.265 code rate / 30M/ video devices unlimited.



Special note:

  • The competition committee will only accept works centered on the theme of biodiversity conservation. The ones unrelated to the theme will not be accepted. All the works must be original works of the authors. Any ghost writer or copyist will be disqualified and the legal consequences will be borne by the authors.

  • All the works shall be submitted in electronic form, and the picture file be JPG format. To ensure the print quality of the works collection, please submit them with a minimum of 2M and a maximum of 5M. The committee will contact the authors whose works are selected as outstanding ones to have their paper works sent out for the following exhibition activities.

  • The file name of the submitted works shall be: Name +Work Unit (School)+ Group + Category + Title. Each author may contribute no more than 3 works (series).

  • Each author shall fill in the Registration Form of Contributions, which can be downloaded from this page.

  • The works may be made from various materials and pigments, with recyclable and discarded materials especially welcomed. For the convenience of the exhibitions, the sizes of the works shall be as followed: the length or the width of category A, B, D and E must not exceed 150cm; the height of category C shall be no more than 500cm, width no more than 300cm.

  • Abiding by the above requirements, the submitted works and the Registration Form should be sent to the email address of the committee: competition@natureandart.org



Our global art competition is for public benefit, so there is no registration fee. The selected works will be included by the committee into the Anthology of "2021 Nature&Art - Global Art Competition to Support Global Biodiversity".  The anthologized authors will receive an email from the committee. Please note and check. In addition, the anthologized authors are entitled to 35% off the first two purchases of the Anthologies and 20% off the third and more purchases.



The competition committee reserves the following rights: to display the guest works and the selected works, to take photos of the exhibited works, and to use the works of the authors for advertisement and publication.

The competition deadline has now been extended to May 31



Artworks should be submitted by Sunday, April 25, 2021, 23:59 (GMT+8)


Artworks with high resolution in JPEG format with a size between 2MB to 5MB along with registration form must be sent by email to: competition@natureandart.org

Contact number:     


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Mail Address:


No. 3004, Unit 2, Building 3, Zone D, Classical Shuangcheng, High-tech Zone, Kunming, Yunnan China, 650106.

Official Websites of the Organizers:

UNESCO World Academy for the Arts for Youth:  www.centre-unesco-troyes.org

Yunnan Acadamy of the Beijing Institute for Visual Arts : www.bivachina.com

Yunnan Ecological and Environmental Cooperation Office:  www.yeco.org.cn