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About Us

Why do we exist ?

The Nature and Art Foundation exists to connect artistic expression with biodiversity , environmental preservation . Advocate a low - carbon lifestyle

What is our desired legacy ?

A global community motivated by youth , preserving endangered species and our environment


Everyone can express their love and passion for nature through art
Everyone can play a vital role in global warming and the protection of biodiversity
Artistic expression / action over debate

How will we do this ( initially ) ?

We produce a Global Art Competition and exhibitions that engages one million artists from more than 30 countries , administered by a unique and improbable collaboration of IMAJ UNESCO , Chinese , European , and North American resources
Awarded contributions can be found here ( Create a Web platform to the winning works )

What makes this possible ?

The Nature and Art Foundation is a 501 ( C ) 3 organization benefitting from the personal resources of our co - founders ( link to  Bill Thompson bios , Xiao Huang, Dr Sophia Xinman Wang ) grants , and corporate sponsorship .

Bill Thompson

President of the Nature and Arts Foundation


Xiao Huang

Board of Director, International
Independent Curator


Dr Sophia Xinman Wang

Founder and Board Director, International eco-environmental artist

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