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On March 19, CBCGDF received the latest notice from the CBD that CBD COP15 will be held in Kunming, Yunnan, China, from October 11 to 24, 2021.the 2021 Nature & Arts initiative has been developed and nurtured by the UNESCO World Academy for the Arts for Youth, the Yunnan Academy of the Beijing Institute for Visual Arts, Art Exchange Committee of the Yunnan Artists Association and the Yunnan Ecological and Environmental Cooperation Office and Nature & Art. The theme of this event is biodiversity protection. We are encouraging participants to unveil their soul and develop actions generated out of a mindset of biodiversity and conservation through their works of art.

The completion has a strong leadership team directing the event. Mr. Luo Jiang, Chairman of Yunnan Artists Association, is the general consultant of the Global Public Welfare Art Competition for the protection of biodiversity. Ms. Diana Carolina Saldaña, director of the UNESCO World Youth Academy of Arts, is the director of the organizing committee. Dr. Sophia Xinman Wang, an internationally renowned ecological and environmental artist, serves as the general planning and executive director of the competition. Members of the organizing committee for the competition are composed of the presidium members of the Yunnan Artists Association. The judges of the competition are mainly composed of heads of the organizing agencies and co-organizers, advisers and principals of art committees from the Provincial Artists Association, along with representatives of the main participating schools.

The event will also enjoy the enthusiastic patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of France in Chengdu along with its co-organizers the Yunnan Museum, Wildlife Forever, Wenlin Art Museum, Kunming Art Museum of The Other Shore Arts Institute, the Yunnan University of Business Management, Anning Sun Chong Biodiversity Protection Earth Art Exhibition Area, and ITSLIQUID. 

Special Thanks to our Sponsor:L’Institut Mondial d’Art de la Jeunesse – Centre pour l’UNESCO

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